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Sorry for the delay on the update, only I wasn't well with cold.  On holiday now and able to firm up a few details.


It looks like May is the favourite month.  Does everyone agree?  So far, we have me, Charlotte, Rachel, Frances and Debby.


We would either start out at the furthest point of King's Lynn and head back in the London direction with stops along the way, or, meet up at Cambridge and make our way down the railway line, ending up at King's Lynn, which would give an uninterrupted journey back to London for those who need it. 


I imagine things would go as follows:


Stop at Cambridge for Rejuvinate (vintage clothing and haberdashery), John Lewis haberdashery, Callie & Co (quirky fabrics and sewing equipment).


Stop at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (lots of fabric and patterns, buttons, lace etc), possibly also the craft shop here for knitting wools and card making supplies.


Stop at King's Lynn for The Fent Shop (lots of fabric bargains, patterns and knitting wools). 


A stop for lunch would be in the pretty and historic market town of Downham Market as half way point, whichever direction we started out from.  So, we just need to confirm a day.  I don't know how to do the Google thingy - do you Rachel?  Look forward to some answers soon ....   

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Red, white and blue sounds great to me - I could get my blue denim jacket out again (Hee!).  I also had another thought - is there anyone else that would like to come for the afternoon in Cambridge for some fun shopping and maybe a very English afternoon tea at one of the teashops there?  It's not far to Cambridge from London. 

Frances and Debby what do you think? Would red, white and blue be ok as a theme? Rachel?


Diane, how fab, tea in Cambridge.... With all this eating all day I mighty bust out of the clothes if I am not careful! x

Red, white and blue sounds good to me. I have some red fabric in my stash and I can accessorise with blue and white. I'm really looking forward to a great day, hope I don''t put on too much weight!

I think the colour theme would be great and I am looking forward to sampling what the east has to offer.  East meets West (Well North West anyway)

I'm from the North West ...

You won me on the tea. Sounds a great idea , let me see if I can get some assignments finished before. Yeahh British red blue and white ....I loved last year...

I'm hoping we can go here for tea in the afternoon:



That sounds lovely, I've only been to cambridge once before and I've never been to Kings Lynn so it will all be a new experience for me.

that looks great! you are thinking of everything, I am so looking forward to it, thank you x

looks like a lovely place.

The theme for June 4 is Diamond Jubilee - an outfit inspired by the Royal Family - maybe we can incorporate this?! 

By the way, I'll get a timetable put together this week of when we'll be at various stops for those who are meeting us in Cambridge for example.


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