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Sorry for the delay on the update, only I wasn't well with cold.  On holiday now and able to firm up a few details.


It looks like May is the favourite month.  Does everyone agree?  So far, we have me, Charlotte, Rachel, Frances and Debby.


We would either start out at the furthest point of King's Lynn and head back in the London direction with stops along the way, or, meet up at Cambridge and make our way down the railway line, ending up at King's Lynn, which would give an uninterrupted journey back to London for those who need it. 


I imagine things would go as follows:


Stop at Cambridge for Rejuvinate (vintage clothing and haberdashery), John Lewis haberdashery, Callie & Co (quirky fabrics and sewing equipment).


Stop at Downham Market for The Sew Inn (lots of fabric and patterns, buttons, lace etc), possibly also the craft shop here for knitting wools and card making supplies.


Stop at King's Lynn for The Fent Shop (lots of fabric bargains, patterns and knitting wools). 


A stop for lunch would be in the pretty and historic market town of Downham Market as half way point, whichever direction we started out from.  So, we just need to confirm a day.  I don't know how to do the Google thingy - do you Rachel?  Look forward to some answers soon ....   

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May is good for me. It sounds like a  good plan. I haven't been to any of the shops so I look forward to it. Thanks for organising this.

Hello Diane, sorry to hear you haven't been well. My stash is looking a bit thin so this is a good time for me! May is good for me I think at the moment, what's the google thingy? I don't mind which way we do it, either way I'll probably drive to King's Lynn to leave the car. Will this be a Saturday?


I don't take the train, is it ok to get on and get off or do we just buy tickets for each step? Does anyone know? Is there a sort of rover deal we could get?


All sounds very exciting x

Hello - the google thingy is a voting thing for finding out which day is best for everyone.  Rachel mentioned it, but I've no idea how it works!  A Saturday would seem like the best day (at least for me).  I've got a yearly rail pass for work and can take someone with me on it for a third off the fare, so I don't mind if you want to do that Charlotte.  Sounds like it would be a good idea to start at King's Lynn and pick you up from there - I could get you a return to Cambridge and back


Anyone else want to contribute or come along?  Any more ideas? 

Oh fab, thanks Diane. Do you live near K L? I am coming forom Lincolnshire and could pick you up on the way if that's the right direction. (If not ignore me!)


Just a day to choose - which Saturdays in May can you do? We need our guide! If you say what you can do we can narrow it down, maybe?

Any day is fine with me in May!  By the way, I went to KL today and the Fent Shop have a poster in the window to say they are now on the internet -

oooh how cool! I'll have a quick look x


Sorry , been so busy I only check it today, do you still need the google calendar .... I hope you feeling well now...

I think we do still need it Rachel.... all your FB posts are looking v exciting! x

The google calendar sounds like a good idea!

Just fill your dates on this link.

Sounds like fun.  It would be easier for me to start in cambridge but I am very happy to go along with the majority for everyone.


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