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So I was all ready to make a maxi-dress and bought some yellow cotton gauze, and them my mom gives me a gorgeous white eyelet cotton maxi-dress.  I am thinking that I don't need 2 maxi-dresses (especially since Cathe tells us they are going out of style) and a white dress is a little risky.


 Should I dye the white dress yellow?  anyone ever try dying a finished dress?  it is 100 percent cotton, but I am concerned that maybe the thread may not be cotton.  whatcha think?



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Hi Farah,

  I tried to dye some eyelet  fabric..but its been years ago, when my daughter was young. So probably the dyes are much better now..

  But when I dyed it, where the thead is on the fabrc.. was much darker than the fabric part.. Didnt do well at all..

SO... I really dont know? sorry, Icouldnt help.

Oh if you love maxis you should just wear it as is! I dyed my last blue sorbetto but before it was made up using ritz dye. The blue was not solid but more dappled. I liked it for it's imperfections but that might not be a look you want and I'm not sure what will happen to a finished garment. If you are open to experiment I'd go for it but if the dress was special to you I would hesitate. Okay I'm of no help!

Do share what you decide to do and the outcome!
Who says maxis are going out of style? If you love something then by all means make it!  I wouldn't dye the dress unless you just don't like white (or can't wear it well, as is my problem).
Don't use I-dye (a brand, like Ritz).  I tried it recently in three different colors and wasn't happy with any of the results.  White eyelet is so pretty, but I can understand your concern for it in maxi-dress form.  On me it would be dirty in about 5 minutes.  Maybe you can make your yellow maxi dress and refashion your white eyelet one?

Hello Farah!


I've done quite a lot of fabric vs garment dying (the industry term for dying an entire finished garment) and I find I quite like garment dying. The color seeps more into seams and tucks/gathers. It gives the garment a more aged and earthy feel and I think it is just a matter of taste as to wether you will like it or not. Also, you are right to wonder about the fiber content in your thread!  If it is cotton it will take the dye like crazy but if it is poly or a blend it will resist the dye and end up lighter than the rest of the fabric.

I hope you find a solution that suits your style :)

Thank you all for your suggestions.  the dress is a casual, wrinky sort of cottton, so i don't think it will look too bad if the dye takes a bit of a dappled look.  I think i will try a light colour so that iit won't be too noticable if the colour doesn't take well in all areas.  


I think it is worth a shot since a white maxi dress is just too risky for me.  I would have coffee or guacamole spilled on it within seconds.  And the dress is not precious or anything - my mom got it on clearance for $9  because it had a broken strap.  Clearances like that are made for people who can sew!  will post a picture once it is dyed.

Cant wait to see it.. Happy sewing .


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