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Hi, I am thinking of buying a dressmakers mannequin (the one I have is a friend's).  I would love an old fabric one, but they are difficult to find, the new ones seem so flimsy.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

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I'm so glad!!!!! I was a bit worried that you'd be like... geez.. how dumb does she think I am of course I've checked it out!

Hurray! Happy sewing on your new taller mannequin.

I'm sure I paid to much for mine, I bought it direct, it's a PMG, I think they are based in New Jersey. I do love her, *Peggy*. She's cloth and has collapsable shoulders which is kind of odd. I think her waist is slightly smaller than mine and her chest is much perkier than mine but she's pretty close otherwise. I really love having a dress form, it's very helpful.


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