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With commercial patterns I feel so out of the norm. Once I started drafting my own pattern I really start to feel sewing was fun. With commercial patterns I have at least 4 alterations  every time and when drafting Its reduces my sewing time at least in half.


So, Do you have any experience drafting your patterns? If not, would you consider?


I have more than 2 books on the matter but the ones I use are and recommend:

Make your own patterns - Rene Bergh

Iole Method - No Author...


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I learned to sew writing my own patterns, this is a luxury, because you take the measuresdirectly from your body and the perfect pattern is obtained, without further amendments,also ... it's a double luxury because you can get any garment that goes through your mind or see in a magazine or a showcase ... you are not limited to the patterns that are in yourstash, make your own pattern frees iliminada. It's great!
I only use commercial patterns when I find the exact model I want, (which is fine) but it has limitations. 
Oh Rosy, so lucky you. I am still tryingto get my way around drafting mime own...
I'm not ready to draft my own patterns, my sewing knowledge is still to limited. Drafting is on my "someday" list. But certainly *almost* every pattern gets alterations for a better fit...I'm learning :)
You sew so beautifully and sure when you learn will be very liberating from alterations...
I am branching out in to drafting my own patterns! Right now, I'm not up to starting from scratch, but I'm learning! I have How to Make Sewing Patterns by Donald H. McCunn. Not sure how good it is but I found it cheap at a used book store and it looks pretty good to me.
thanks for the book tip !!! Always good to know good books...
I have done it for doll clothing, but the thought of larger dimensions is paralyzing to me! Definitley on the 'skills to master' list.
Anne, try a simple skirt... the 1st step is the hardest..

If it helps, I've got a pattern drafting tutorial up for pencil skirts that covers some of the basics:

Thank you for that....


Have a look on mine too :

I've got some drafting books but haven't made it there yet.  I'm getting pretty good at figuring out what I want to do to a pattern these days.
Any books not meantioned you would like to share the one you have??


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