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With commercial patterns I feel so out of the norm. Once I started drafting my own pattern I really start to feel sewing was fun. With commercial patterns I have at least 4 alterations  every time and when drafting Its reduces my sewing time at least in half.


So, Do you have any experience drafting your patterns? If not, would you consider?


I have more than 2 books on the matter but the ones I use are and recommend:

Make your own patterns - Rene Bergh

Iole Method - No Author...


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Yes, I've always drafted my own patterns--from the first sad, fraying circle skirt I made at age sixteen!  I would recommend two books primarily: first, Pattern Drafting for Dressmaking by Pamela Stringer--it's a great beginner's text, very clear and plain language without too much complicated detail.  And secondly, Dress Pattern Designing by Natalie Bray--it's much more scientific but absolutely necessary if you want to actually understand what you're doing.


Honestly, drafting my own patterns is partly (selective) laziness; I just don't want to wrangle with somebody else's design and learn somebody else's construction rules and sew a seam without knowing exactly why I'm doing it.  I enjoy the drafting itself as a puzzle and challenge (for the same reason I enjoyed calculus in school), and the sewing process goes much more quickly and easily when I have hands-on knowledge of why I'm doing everything.  

thanks for the books and I aree,,, the process is so much quicker and makes a lot more sense....

Hey, I'd forgotten I had reviews of these books up in the blog queue!  Here they are:

I learnt to draft before I even learnt to sew and I almost never use it. There is too many lovely things in commercial patterns and I dont have the time or energy to draft from scratch/block everytime. I would recommend learning it so that it makes your adjustments easier and less scary but it is far more involved than buying patterns.
I'm with you- I'm a little instant gratification girl! I'd love to havce the skill, but I don't think I';d use it all the time.
Its good to know that some love commercial pattern.. thats makes our sewing comunity so interresting.... thanks for sharing...


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