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I just posted in the thread on favorite blogs- an excellent thread, as I love to find new blogs. But perhaps it wouldn't be amiss with a thread where we present our own blogs too? An easy way to see what all the talented people here writes about.


I have two blogs. Fashionable Forties, which is a rather new project for me, I am trying to re-create a complete 1940's wardrobe.


And I also have Isis' Wardrobe, where the focus is on 18th century clothes, but also everything else I feel inclined to make.

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Good luck with your exams.Happy Sewing.
Thanks - I'm done now - I'm now a fully registraded nurse, Ba. scient. Nursing, graduated with grade 12 (equals a A+ or HD) So I'm VERY HAPPY and pleased! Tomorrow I'm bringing out my sewing machine. I promised DD to make her dolls some nappies and hats!

Congradulations... So proud for you.. I know how difficult this is.. My husband was a  registered nurse also.. Very difficult school.. I was aRespiratory Therepist for 25 yrs.. SO.. I know the medical schools are very demanding ..Good luck on boards...and good luck in your new field..

  and Happy Sewing with DD  today.

Thank you so much!!

We don't do board exams  - once we've passed or Bachelor we get our license (we do 1 year clinical stays during our Bachelor) and that's it. All I need to do is to register and pay my fee then I get my license once the uni has send in my paper to the National Health council ;)



Would love to start a blog! I think will choose Wordpress but I am unsure about who I should use to host it - any suggestions welcome lovelies!  Thanks!



I would just use the free hosting and services wordpress provides. If you don't have a an excisting website ect. why go thru' all the trouble of finding alternative hosting? Not to speak of the fees - if you just use wordpress/blogger/blogspot ect and their basic free services why pay for it when you can get it for free ;)


Happy blogging - let's get a link as soon as you're up and running!

Hey everone, thanks for this thread - I've found heaps of new blogs to read!


I blog about sewing here:

It's uni exam time so my posting is a little out of whack, but I promise it will be back to normal very soon :)

This thread is really addictive for me, now I have a lot of new blogs added to my reader and much material to enjoy, so I can only add my blog here:

All of these are so fantastic!  I love finding a place where you can see all the great crafting that like-minded people are working on!  My blog is over at

Can I put a little word of caution in on here - blogging is really fun and I want it to carry on being fun for everyone - but I also wanted to make a little reminder - it's really easy to imagine that it's just 'us' like-minded nice people that read blogs, as if we're in a little 'bubble', but they're available to just about anyone to read and see, so it's really important not to put too much private information on them, such as birthdates for example, which anyone unscrupulous could get hold of and make use of, in identity theft for example.  Just thought it worth noting here.  
Diane, Thanks for this reminder, it's a really good point!

Pretty much anything we say or post is free game. I came acrossed one of our posts when I was doing a search on Goggle, it made me feel a bit yes, what we say does not stay within our world.

Isnt it a sad world we live in.. that we have to be so careful..

 thankyou both for reminding us..


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