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I just posted in the thread on favorite blogs- an excellent thread, as I love to find new blogs. But perhaps it wouldn't be amiss with a thread where we present our own blogs too? An easy way to see what all the talented people here writes about.


I have two blogs. Fashionable Forties, which is a rather new project for me, I am trying to re-create a complete 1940's wardrobe.


And I also have Isis' Wardrobe, where the focus is on 18th century clothes, but also everything else I feel inclined to make.

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How do i share your blogs on my blog??? im afraid im a bit lost !

What blog sysmtem do you use? For blogspot or blogger (the same provider really) you go to Design, the chose the place where you want the blog roll to be, right side/left/buttom ect (you can change the arrangement by drag n' drop later) and click on ADD GADGET or application! Find the gadget/application you want (in this case the blog roll/ blog I read) and add it. The save the lot. Then go back and add the blogs you want to show. 


If you use wordpress -  I no help. I do have a wordpressblog but I rarely use it because I find Blogspot so much easier

Oh my gosh, I just added at least a dozen new blogs to my feed! :D  This is a great thread!  I love finding new many of my "old favorites" have ceased blogging in the past couple of years.

I use blogger for my personal blog:
Quality Time

I also host a small community blog for vintage sewing enthusiasts:
We Sew Vintage

AND...if you love Pushing Daisies (sob! I miss Ned & Chuck & the Piehole gang!), my fellow vintage pal Barbara & I have just started a PD fashion blog:
Once Upon a Pie
Thanks for starting this! I just added lots of new feeds to my reader!

I blog here:
You have a really nice blog  -love your polyester accident! That's why I absolutely HATE that stuff - it's not to iron out without risking burning the stuff LOL

I too have a blog but I haven't been posting as ofthen as I want to because of uni - but I'm graduating on Wednesday so then I'll have more time for bllogging and SEWING!!! YAY!!!


ETA: It's a bilingual blog - please let me know how you think that works or if there are any ways I can improve on it. Thanks

I am so impressed by all of your blogs!  You have inspired me to start one myself.  Any more tips?
Plan it. Decide if it's a tips and tutorial blog, a recipe blog, a family blog ect. Not that you can't do all but pick a main theme and stick with it. Don't post if you have nothing to write about. Have FUN!!! If you don't enjoy the way your blog is loooking, change it. Blogging should be fun otherwise it'll end up being just another sour chore to do and then no one will enjoy it ;)
Thanks Ann, some really helpful tips there.  I don't think I'm qualified to do tips and tutorials, I'm new to this sewing lark, but you have given me some great ideas to get started. Need to go and have a think....

And I love your blog, by the way :o)  Will add it as soon as I figure out how.

Oh wauw thanks. I hope you find blogging as fun as I do. Remember to have fun - that's the most important thing ;)

I have my last exam tomorrow Wednesday and then I hope to be able to update more frequently. That's another thing - you'll find blogging takes time (but it's fun and relax time) and you'll end up spending a lot of time keeping up with other people's blogs as well - but that's all part of the fun :D

Now I'm off to see what you have come up with ;)

Good luck with the exam. I'll let you know as soon as I come up with something I'm not embarassed to let people see...


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