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I just posted in the thread on favorite blogs- an excellent thread, as I love to find new blogs. But perhaps it wouldn't be amiss with a thread where we present our own blogs too? An easy way to see what all the talented people here writes about.


I have two blogs. Fashionable Forties, which is a rather new project for me, I am trying to re-create a complete 1940's wardrobe.


And I also have Isis' Wardrobe, where the focus is on 18th century clothes, but also everything else I feel inclined to make.

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Oh no, what about Wonder Woman?! We were counting on you!

I love this! It's good to see what folks are up to, and I love the range of information out there. I wish I could keep up with commenting on everyone's posts. :) 


I use blogger, which has treated me well. Wordpress is nice to work with too, but I am fond of the free. I am a sucker for the stats page, though. 


Here's my blog: The Seek Speak 


I do hope to make this more and more relevant and useful, so any feedback is welks. No, more like, sought. Let me know what you think!

I use Blogger or blogspot. I like that I can actually go into the HTML and mess with the structure of the blog with minimal headache. I think overall this host is fairly intuitive which is so helpful (with my overly dense brain).


I'm at:


I'm pretty prolific photo taker so my blog tends to wander all over the place although the initial intent was for sewing and crafting.


I have really enjoyed everyone's blogs from this group, so inspirational! Great question Elisa, always love to add to my favorite blog reads!

you have some wonderfull photos.
Cathe, how I can follow your blog?
Of course! I hope I don't disappoint!
I think I'm in the minority using Wordpress - I blog at
Hi I am a keen folower of a good few blogs. By having my own enables me to join in other sewing projects too. I have only been going a little while at , I also use it for other interests too!
ooohh! love it!

My reader is already groaning under all the blogs I'm reading and now there's more! ;)  Think I might be verging on that sewing type that reads lots and doesn't get much sewing done any more...


I've got a blog on blogspot called Magpie Mimi have been blogging not quite a year yet and it's amazingly addictive, the blogging and the stats!

I am so that person too Mimi!

I read almost all of your blogs already i'm addicted I LOVE it

All your blogs are fabulous ! Im so inspired !  xx


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