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I just posted in the thread on favorite blogs- an excellent thread, as I love to find new blogs. But perhaps it wouldn't be amiss with a thread where we present our own blogs too? An easy way to see what all the talented people here writes about.


I have two blogs. Fashionable Forties, which is a rather new project for me, I am trying to re-create a complete 1940's wardrobe.


And I also have Isis' Wardrobe, where the focus is on 18th century clothes, but also everything else I feel inclined to make.

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Fab! Just added it to my blog reader!

Aww thanks :) 

I found the fish when I was playing around with the set up, somewhere under the widgets or whatever the things at the side are called.  My fiance loves fish so it was put there for him really but I like it too.

I've just been reading some of your blogs they are amazing!

Oh, thanks for sharing the links to your blogs - I love discovering new bloggers. Some I have been following for a while now. I also have a blog Frabjous Couture - I am trying to write about the process of learning couture sewing techniques. I am still exploring blogging as well as my blogger identity... What kind of information, content, do you enjoy most in sewing blogs?
oohh excited to have found your blog!  I can't wait to learn some couture sewing techniques through your process!  One of my favorite parts of sewing blogs is seeing photos of a finished item! But I love it when bloggers also share their journey along the way!
Thank you! I have been following your blog for a while now, and I am a big fan of it. You manage to give to vintage styles a modern edge by choosing great fabric among others. And the photography is great! Images are my weakest point I think!
I'm loving your blog already!! I really like the button header you have. :)
I just added your blog on my roll the other day - I really enjoy it!

Oh, this is so exciting!  I have lots of new reading to catch up on. 


I like using Blogger - it is simple enough for me to use (which is good!).


I blog over yonder at Meg the Grand.  Keep posting all your lovely blogs!  I love reading about all the sewing adventures/opinions out there :)

Love your blog, Meg! I must say, after this week's amazing outfit, I may always think of you as Meg Morgenstern! :)
 I love it Sarah... Me too..hahhaha.. We love you Meg and your blog is great.
I've been doing for a couple of months, having been inspired by what's on here.  Trying to find more time in my busy day to keep it updated.

I use to host my fairly new blog


I love seeing the stats and how many people in how many countries actually find my stuff and read it. It has been a lot of fun.


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