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This week I made a Shamrock Fascinator to go with my St Pat's Dress (I'll be wearing it to work tomorrow!) and Christina made me think of posting this discussion! I got the idea from Mena's loveheart headbands from back in February!


I don't usually do accessories, but I was thinking with my fabric scraps I might try and make something to go with my dresses, if it suits!


What accessories have you made? Do you have photos? Let me know as I'd love to get some ideas for our future themes!


I just spotted Casey Sew has made a belt to go with her green dress! A long thin piece of material with rounded/curved ends! CUTE!

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This is so pretty!
Thanks Vicki!
I've done little handbags and a couple hats (one hat that turned in to a handbag, too, because I was so angry at it!) as sewing projects, but most of my accessories I either knit (scarves and wristlets), do beadwork or use glass tiles (for earrings and necklaces).  I haven't taken any pictures of them, but I should!  I have an idea for a sewn up wristlet, but haven't had any fabric yell at me for it yet.
You could post them here for us to have a look at!


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