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This week I made a Shamrock Fascinator to go with my St Pat's Dress (I'll be wearing it to work tomorrow!) and Christina made me think of posting this discussion! I got the idea from Mena's loveheart headbands from back in February!


I don't usually do accessories, but I was thinking with my fabric scraps I might try and make something to go with my dresses, if it suits!


What accessories have you made? Do you have photos? Let me know as I'd love to get some ideas for our future themes!


I just spotted Casey Sew has made a belt to go with her green dress! A long thin piece of material with rounded/curved ends! CUTE!

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Does this count? I made these for a wedding last year for the bridesmaids
Clutches are so an accessory! Amazing sheen on those! What fabric is that?
shantung? not really sure. The bride gave me the fabric and I wish I'd kept the scraps. Beautiful stuff it is.
I like the idea but for time limited me, I tend not to think about it..... that is untill I see what everyone else is doing and then I would like to have a go. :~)
I made this bag quite a while ago. I drafted the pattern using a plastic grocery bag! I folded it flat so the handles are together and then cut the bottom free & reshape, I lengthened the handles so that they fit over my shoulder. Made of some hand me down fabric and lined with some leftover poly/cotton/lycra. It looks great with simple outfits like denim and white.
Oh boy, it'd really look great with white! Totally a stand out!
I love this fabric!
.. it's pretty fabulous paisley isn't it. The fabric was a bit itchy to wear... to it became a bag! (well there is plenty left for something else... when I think of something to use itchy fabric for.)

I made these capelets for my bridesmaids (it was a little cold!) using a 50s reproduction pattern. Sorry the photo is sideways... I can't figure out why it's doing that!

how sweet and practical.
everything looks stunning! what a beautiful day.

I've been playing about making rosettes like this one - this was from a kit.  I thought they might make a nice decorative feature on a bag or something. 


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