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Today, in the Sensa diet ad, they used this polka-dotted dress, which I plan on making as soon as humanly possible:

I don't know who made it or where it came from, but I'm in love.  I had to take a pic using my camera b/c the embedding on the Sensa ad wouldn't lift a screen shot, so that's why there are lines through it.  I especially love the grey dots and trims.

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That is gorgeous, I am nuttey for polkadots!

Did you find a pattern for this dress?

Yes!  I have McCalls 7349 from 1964.'s_7349

 It's not exact because the pattern is gathered, but since I have a full bust, it should work well.  Then, I'll just add a full skirt instead of the slim, 1964 skirt.  I've sourced some similar fabric, but as funds allow, and as my UFO pile needs work, this lovely dress will need to wait it's turn.

Mannnn I love it! I have a bunch of tiny-polkadot fabric floating around somewhere, too--just need to find matching big dots and the time to actually sew, huh.


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