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Personally I hate cutting out patterns. It seems to me that there has got to be a better way than pinning the tissue to the fabric and cutting out the pattern. I've tried pins, weights, shears, rotary cutter and it all adds up to a less then ideal situation. There seems to be an acceptable amount of inaccuracy, and maybe that's the nature of cutting out a pattern but I would love to hear how all of you cut out your patterns and if there are any good tips or secrets you can share. You have no idea how crazy this makes me so I really appreciate your ideas!

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 Well Miss Cather.. I wish I could tell you , I have a better way...but........... I do the same thing.. and I hate it too.. Seems it takes for ever.. and I would rather be sewing.ha Look forward to seeing if anyone has a better way..  I would love it..Happy Sewing.
Darn it, I was counting on you Judy to enlighten me! We'll just have to see I guess!
I think it is just one of those painful things you have to do before you get to the good stuff (child birth, cleaning, travelling to get somewhere, cutting out your fabric) - there has to be a little pain involved, that is what makes the end result so sweet ..... darn!  I want one of those magic wands they have in fairyland .... one little wave and the fabric is cut out, you have arrived at your destination, the house is clean .....
 Debbie.. I love your description.. Couldnt have been said any better!!! [Really does compare to childbirth/cleaning house/  traveling  to get somewhere...ha] But then the FUN part.
Oh sadness! Thank you for the reality check! I have started to iron my pattern pieces when I put everything away and I do have to say it looks so much more tiddy. One big win there!
Guess what.. I have been working on ironing {my stash of patterns].. I am ironing  one or two every night, trying to catch up.It is wonderful..
I have always ironed my pattern pieces - my granma told me I had to - and I love how neat and tidy it looks.  Not to mention being able to get everything back in the pattern envelope! :)
I'm relieved to hear that you, an experienced seamstress, has inaccuracies. I thought it was just me because I'm new to this. Have you ever printed out a pattern from pdf? Dear heaven above but that is a pattern accuracy nightmare. I downloaded a dress pattern for my daughter, but by the time I had all the pages taped into some semblance of a pattern, it looked like a dress built for Frankenstein. Typically I trace the pattern size that I want on to Swedish tracing paper, but again, there's a bit of inaccuracy to be figured in all that. From now on I'll just be reminding myself that it's like childbirth but with less sweating. Hopefully!
I'm a pin it then rotary cut it girl.  I love using the rotary cutter and I find I'm the most accurate with it.   My best tip is to make sure your iron your fabric before cutting.  Having a nice crisp surface to work with really makes it easier.
I was thinking it would be nice to have magical spray adhesive that would gently *stick* the pattern pieces to the fabric but leave no residue...or maybe transfer a pattern to freezer paper and iron it to the fabric. Okay I'm dreaming, this sounds like it's more trouble then it's worth!

Thanks everyone for your advice, slow and steady I go!


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