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Happy New Year lovely ladies! This is probably not the best time to be thinking about our bodies after all the festivities but I've just gone and braved it and drawn my Croquis.

This is an outline drawing of your body taken from a photograph of you in very fitted clothes. It shows you your true body shape and is helpful when it comes to seeing how things will fit and what suits your body shape. 

It was a tough experience and I just wondered how everyone feels about doing this kind of exercise?

If your interested you can find mine here

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That sounds interesting, I actually have done this years ago but I think my body has changed a bit with having a child. I don't think it's to scary, I strongly belive that a good part of the issues we all have with our bodys comes from choosing the wrong clothes or sizes. There is also a very simplified test on, but its fun for inspiration:

It inspired me to try something with puffed sleves (got a pear shape acording to this test) and I was surprised to find that I actually like them on me.

Yes, like Rachael I did this years ago with the Fit For Real People (I think). Anyway the problem for me was leaving it hanging on th wall as a constant reminder. I look forward to doing this again, but this time I'm leaving it rolled up at my cutting table until needed.

I finally did one today! I don't have the Colette book yet (on my wish list!) but with everyone else doing them, I was feeling left out! You can see mine here.

It wasn't too bad, I knew my basic body shape anyway, it was actually quite fun to make! I haven't used it to draw any designs with yet, that will be tomorrows project :)

Stevie! I don't know whether to curse you or thank you--after reading your post this morning I spent all day making my own croquis (I didn't even know what one was before)! I got way too inspired by the ones on Polka Dot Overload and did my own cartoon version. Don't know if it will come in handy, but it was fun!

Yay! They are fun right? I think they take a bit of time to get used to. But when you do its so helpful! x

Heehee blame the Colette sewing book. I'm working on one now..

I did one earlier in February and forgot to post here!

I learned that I carry one shoulder higher than the other.  Then, I noticed my husband carries his right shoulder higher, too.  We're subsequently working on our posture.  Very informative overall.


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