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Happy New Year lovely ladies! This is probably not the best time to be thinking about our bodies after all the festivities but I've just gone and braved it and drawn my Croquis.

This is an outline drawing of your body taken from a photograph of you in very fitted clothes. It shows you your true body shape and is helpful when it comes to seeing how things will fit and what suits your body shape. 

It was a tough experience and I just wondered how everyone feels about doing this kind of exercise?

If your interested you can find mine here

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Oooh, I've been thinking about doing a Croquis, after seeing a couple of girls blog about them.  It looks kinda scary and enlightening, all at once.

with the Colette book for Christmas I too have been thinking about this, although I may give myself a restbite after the Christmas excess!

Well done you - this was one of the things I thought I might not do from the Colette book! I am a bit scared.... maybe in a few weeks if the New Year diet is working ;0)

Ha!  I've just bought Rosemary Conley's Get Slim, Real Results for Real Women DVD!

I am looking forward to doing this, but am waiting until the spring as I am due to give birth in early April. I will try to get my first one done in time for my birthday, mid-May.

I kinda want to do this... but am very intimidated by the results!  However, it seems that the ladies who have done this have learned a lot about their bodies and how completed outfits may look on them. I continue to hem and haw... 

Oh wow!  What a revelation.  I read through your blog post, and this croquis drawing sounds like a really cool idea.  I'm often surprised by how finished projects look on me vs. in my mind, but since I'm an illustrator the drawing  part really appeals to me.  I never thought of just drawing the clothes right on my body!  I'm going to give it a shot as soon as I'm back home w/ access to my camera and tripod.

I made one by placing paper on the wall and getting my partner to follow the outlines as per Fit for real people book.. was a fun experience for me because it help me buy the right patterns for my shape.. I made back in june.. maybe I will try Colette photo one.

you can see mine at Fit for real people Croqui

I would, tough I think it would depress me to have 3D evidence of how flat my bust area is ;o)

Truly, it would be helpful with some of my fit issues (wide-ish hips, large rear, sway back) as I could see them more clearly from a distance.

I'm a little scared too... not just for my body shape but for my drawing skills. I know, I know - it's just tracing, but seriously, I make stick figures look bad.  I might give it a go though. I keep flipping through that section of the Colette book thinking that it would be fun to try.

Hey, this is a really great thing to do! Good call reminding us, Stevie!

I have on a few occasions, (a whole bunch of my sewing/patternmaking/fitting books suggest it!) and it helps when planning and deciding on what to make. Also, I think for a lot of us it would be good because one realizes: it's not as bad as you think! I mean, how many of us haven't stood in front of a mirror focusing on one part of the body, thinking it's way too big/small/weird. But when looking at the whole picture, we're probably not that far off from an "average", quite symmetrical body!

Just a little advice (don't know what instructions you already have, can't hurt to help). Camera placement! Unless the picture is taken from a fair bit of a distance, it's really important to not photograph from an up or down angle, since it skews proportions! For example, if the camera is at the same height as your face and not so far away, the sharp downward angle will make you look shorter! To give your body justice, make sure to place the camera about the same height as your belly button (nope, this will not make you look bigger around the waist!). Simple old perspective facts (same as one learned in art class in middle school), but easy to forget.

I'll see if I have time to make a new one today, if I do, I'll post it on the blog and link it here :-)

I keep seeing them and I know it's a good idea, but I have a feeling it would be too revealing for me- like finally seeing a straight on view of my back end in leggings. I could end up needing major counseling!!


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