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Ok, for anyone who has taken this class: Should I buy 1/4" spiral steel boning or 1/2"? What length should I get?

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I bought the 1/4 inch and the length depends on your own body measurements.  I finished the dress last year, though, so maybe other comments have drowned out the more useful ones that discusses this very issue.  I estimated based on my lining bodice and the boning casing placement.  I bought I think 2 meters and I had enough left over for another dress.  I do have a short torso though.  I used end-nippers to trim down the boning and bought little caps which were annoying to crimp and they barely stayed on.

How do you measure it?  If you watch the video Ch. 13 Adding the Boning, and scrub to about 13 minutes in Gretchen will show you how.  Hope that helps.

On a related note: Has anyone taken the Starlet jacket course?  I'd like to do it, but I am concerned that the sleeves are only 3/4 length with no option for a full sleeve...


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