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Hi Ladies, Jennifer was kind enough to send me a copy of the PDF as I did not receive one with the email that invited me to be a contributer.  Can someone please check for me that I am typing the correct link?  Please email me at if you can help.  Thanks - Sarah Day

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Hi Sarah


I found that I had trouble accessing the link when I typed it in and the only way I get in there is by 'hovering' and clicking on the typed link in the PDF - that then takes me straight there.  Not sure if you can do this with your copy ....

Thanks for that.  The issue is that when I get there, sometimes it says registration is disabled and the other times it asks for a password and user name to log in.  There is no register button to get a temporary user name and password.

Oh, not sure what you should do then, apart from try and get hold of Mena ...

I've e-mailed Mena, but haven't heard back yet.


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