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Hi everyone!  Just wondering if anyone has done a Make This Look yet?  I finally got around to making the Lemonade at Lunch dress... and I love it! My husband proclaimed it 'his favorite' of the things I've made so far. It was fun making the dress with my own little variation, but going for the same 'feel.'  I'm definitely interested in making a few more.  Next on my list is the Day After Day Dress.



Here's the link to the details on my blog.


I'd love to hear more about anyone else's Make This Look experience.

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Great job!
I haven't but I have to say everyone I have seen is so cute. I love your version, I'm inspired!
I have been wondering if anyone had made a MTL dress, thank you so much for sharing! That is one that I too have been drooling over, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. But now I just might have too! You look absolutely amazing in that dress!
really cute dress. I havent tried any of  them yet.. My want to make list is toooooo long right now.ha Happy sewing.

Looks great, so far I've just been looking at them but there are several that I like the idea of quite a lot.


Your dress looks amazing!  I'm waiting for to restock after the mad rush for that dress :)


I just finished the Romper.  I couldn't find the same fabric or pattern local, so I found the closest pattern and the fabric I figured I would wear the most from their sad, sad, racks.  It was a breeze and I'm looking forward to making and wearing more rompers in the future!


Oh I love how your romper turned out! So cute!
Very nice. Good color choices.

I know this is few months late...  but I just found this website and joined the community!

I saw the McCall 6069 dress on MTL and just made it.

I wanted it to be diagnal like the picture but my skills didn't allow it.  :p

I just made it vertical stripe, but I still like it!  I also wrote a review on

This is really cute.Looks nice on you.


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