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Okay bring it on...I can give you all kind of American cliches now that I have found this book…Charlotte, Judy game on!

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I know that one Stevie!
How about tight as a duck's bum!
Or, you've got to cut your cloth according to your means ...

Look what you guys have been up to while I have been sleeping - the early bird catches the worm!


A book! Wow - never judge a book by its cover, I expect you think you are the bee's knees now you have a book Cathe. Still, in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.


I am looking forward to learning lots and lots now Cathe, whatever blows your dress up xxx

It's a library book...with limitation so this to shall pass!
tee hee, all good things come to an end.... but be careful, the road to hell is paved with good intentions (?)
LOVE   IT... I have heard that one before.hahahhah[sounds like what my grandma would say.]

I think Cathe think she's "the bee's knees"... coz she's got the book.[hahahhahhaha]

 But our friend Cathe..we will let you off.... if you share your findings  with us...


 Charolette.... what ever  blows your dress it,love it. love it.

Here's one my piano teacher used to say: "Excuses don't buy no bread".



Okay "keep your shirt on" I need to "knuckle under" and "gild a lily" before the "hounds of hell" get me!
hahahaa... what is gild a lily??? got the rest of them..
To improve the look of a beautiful object...

How about: "beat all your feathers as flat down as a pancake"


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