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Despite my new year resolutions :-) I have already fallen behind with the challenges due to a frantic couple of weeks at work and stinking cold.

I'm feeling enthusiastic again, but wondered whether those who followed along with last year's challenges would recommend trying to catch up or just jump in with next week's challenge?

p.s. I am not the world's fastest sewer but have lots of things I want to make and a fabric hoard for practically any requirement! 

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Just start with the next week's challenge! Other wise you will feel you are rushing to catch up all the time. Then once you find yourself done ahead of schedule, work backwards on challenges you missed when you have extra time.

Thanks Aubrey, I like the idea of getting ahead of myself :-)  Also I have a really cute skirt with buttons so I am just going to get started on that NOW!

I always just went with whichever challenge resonated with me more. One week I think I tried to combine two of the challenges into one garment. Good luck!

I rarely went back if I missed a challenge and I only did the ones that made sense to me. I think if you push to hard it becomes a chore instead of enjoyable.

Whatever you do have fun with it and don't get stressed.

I wouldn't go back either, like Cathe last year I only did the ones I felt I could and if it was late, or I missed one (or more!), it's not the end of the world. Much better to have fun I think, no-one minds.

If I felt tired or under the weather then I would just do something really simple, but then that's because it was just a goal I'd set myself to see the year out.  The things I made that I liked the best generally took me a bit longer anyway, such as when I had a bit of time in lieu at work, or were things I'd made before in different fabrics and I knew they'd work.  I think I used one skirt pattern 5 times in different incarnations - that is, short, long, layered etc ...   Just enjoy yourself and things will work better that way.  

I agree that going forward is your best bet. Even Mena said, don't fret just have fun. 

Thanks for all the encouragement and advice - I am definitely inspired by buttons so I am working on a skirt for that today and hope to finish before I have to go to work tomorrow!

You're all right - it's great to have a goal to do all the challenges but even if I only finish one thing a month it will still be more than last year and will definitely be more fun and less stress that way. 

Good luck to all of you and thanks for the inspiration :-)


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