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Hi there!

I was wondering if anyone had a resource for a good carpet bag pattern ala "Mary Poppins"  I've done a little looking online so far and haven't found anything interesting.

Attached is a picture of what i'm looking for....






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It depends upon whether you are able to find a metal closing/opening frame (for lack of the proper term) for the  bag.  Failing that you could make large rectangular bag, with a rectangle base and put a heavy zip across the whole length of the opening.  I will put up drawings of suggestion later in the week (busy until thurs.)  But I believe that it is actually a very simple pattern for the main bag itself.
Hi Kim,

I just came across this pattern and thought of your ask, sorry it's a little late...
Here you go:

I always thought that pattern from Loes Hines looked rather carpet bag - like.


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