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Can anyone help someone who's not particularly computer savvy?

I tend to learn things as I go along, I never know how to do things unless I absolutely need to.  How do you highlight a word, or a phrase on a blog, so that it links back to another webpage?  Any help greatly appreciated!

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Highlight it with your mouse and create a hyperlink (usually by right-clicking).

Although it might be different in a blog. Hope it helps

Good luck :o)

Thanks for your help Laura :-)), I've just figured out how to do it accidentally - I tried the highlighting and then right-clicking but nothing happened in Blogger.  So, I went to Edit Posts and then highlighted it and noticed in the toolbar that there was a LINK option, which I selected, and then it made the connection! 

Well done! Its usually better to figure things out in that way - then you learnt it yourself. :o)
I'm on a Mac so it might be slightly different but I copy the link, go back to blogger, paste you link in your text and on the menu bar there is a chain, click on it and you'll see a box with "www..." paste your link there and click on okay. You should be good to go.


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