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I love browsing the internet and often you see lots of suppliers with lovely fabrics but I just cannot bring myself to buy anything online.  I need to feel what im buying.I know most places send you a specific sample if you request and some sites do Fabric clubs - they send you samples 4 times a year.

My question is : Have you bought any fabric over the internet? How was your experience? Tips for first time buyers??

Sites you recomend??

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Hi Sylvia,

   I so understand your thoughts on buying fabric on line..I too, love to feel the fabric, to see the colors in person..But I do buy some online..because, there is so much more available to you.

   I buy some from, [and I think it is available to you also, I am in the USA]. I have  not had anycomplaints with them.. Very quick shipping, nice quality fabrics.. There sight is kinda hard to find seems kinda scattered about,ha.

   I also buy some on ebay and Etsy.. 

I dont think, I have ever gotten anything that I  regretted. I did buy from a lady on ebay, and the yardage was not what she advertised it to be..but other wise the fabric was beautiful..

    All in all. nice to get the wide variety available on line...but still not "quite" as fun as shopping in person...[But hey... what can be nicer than sitting in your pj's and shopping??? ha 

Thanks for the insight Judy. I have only purchased cotton fabric on the internet and it's been fine but I'm curious about different fabric types, is there a good source? I don't know. I have also purchased discontinued fabric that I really wanted but could not fine locally via the internet.


Sylvia, I guess I'm in your camp, the unknown fabric texture and drape makes me hesitate too.

I too, am all about texture. I can't tell you how often something has been really cute and then I touch the thing and go yuck. That said, I do buy online at times. When considering some fabric from, I emailed and asked about the drape since I was not quite sure if if would work for my project. I felt they gave me an honest response and didn't just try and sell the stuff. Maybe other sites do this as well.
I agree Cathe, its so hard to know ,without seeing and feeling,if it will hang good.. that's the down side of ordering online..
I've only ever brought 1 piece of fabric over the internet, which was from, it was a brocade fabric so I knew what I was getting, luckily there is a abakhan shop 15 mins away (I feel like I spend my life in there) so I could take it back if I needed too but they don't always have the same fabric in the shop as they do online. Other than that I am a bit apprehensive about buying  online although I have book-marked a few sites with fabric I like and reasonable prices but I just haven't had the guts to buy yet.

hello Rachel


I buy loads of fabric on the internet, I live in the middle of nowhere with no fabric shop. I get mine from their descriptions are very good and you can ring them for help, they are really helpful. Good prices too.



I buy almost 90% of my fabric online.  I primarily sew with cotton, linen, and corduroy and I have always had fantastic luck.  My favourite online store is Hawthorne Threads.  It's run by a husband and wife team - Charlie and Lindsay - and their selection and service is outstanding.


I've also bought from and a couple of excellent Etsy sellers: ZeetZeet (I bought from them on eBay, too), Treasure Bay Fabrics, and Fabrics from the Heart.  For other types of fabrics, I've heard Mood is outstanding.

My working hours prevent me from easily going to shops throughout the week and weekends are often too busy. I have bought a lot of random fabrics from ebay (cheap stuff mostly) and been fairly happy with that. I have also bought a lot from The Fatquarter Shop in the US - some good sales and much better prices than locally. On the whole I'm not picky picky about the fabric I use as I don't feel my standard of sewing is so high just yet that I can justify expensive fabrics. Anything expensive I would have to see in person.
I'm glad that you've asked the question, Rachel, as I am hesitant about buying online too. I mean, I've done it, but I have fallen into the trap of buying quilting cottons when I want something with better usage for clothing. But, I'm also not the most knowledgeable about fabric shopping anyhow. I've done eBay and I have various links for online fabric stores, but I don't know which ones are good yet. I'll def be browsing all the suggestions everyone has been giving!

thanks girls, i will do some research on friends that also sew and see if they recomend anything else.

I have used J & O fabrics a few times, they are in the Usa and I'm in Aus.

Took 12 days from the day I ordered to the day it arrived. I had a problem using my credit card and had to go via pay pal but other than that it was great. The fabric was so much more vibrant than on the web site.

The postage was fine as long as I stayed under 7 yards. Over 7 and the postage jumped from $13 to $45!!


Wanted to try for my next order, thanks for the info!

In the UK I have used croftmill, stone fabrics I can't sing their praises high enough, Gorgeous Fabrics and I buy a hell of a lot on ebay. But you do have to know your sellers. I wouldn't recommend Minerva Fabrics. Some of the stuff I got was ok but it was generally not somewhere I would buy from again for quality reasons.

DCFabrics however are fantastic and I tend to get good deals when people are clearing out their fabric. I made a cardi yesterday from 2 m of hot pink jersey that cost me 99p! so the cardi cost around 40p to make!

As a student you can't say fairer than that!



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