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Blog question and a discovery, two unrelated things...

Blogger aside can anyone tell why they prefer word press over type pad or the other way around...

Blogger makes me a little crazy with it's weird limitations, ummm it could be my limitations and I'm thinking of jumping ship...can anyone advise please!

Okay here's the unrelated thing, jump on over to Colette's blog, reformatted...Sarai has just announced a book release in November...I'm drooling over the preview on Amazon. Check it out, to me it looks so yummy!

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Hey Cathe, I  am off to order the book too. Are the 5 patterns ,ones we already have ordered??

Judy, I think they are new patterns, this is what it says on amazon:

It includes 5 beautiful projects (1 blouse, 3 dresses and 1 skirton) with tissue paper patterns so readers can learn to sew AND creative a gorgeous project.


You can look inside the book on UK amazon and see the first few pages, looking at the contents page each chapter finishes with a pattern, they are called:


meringue skirt

pastille dress

truffle dress

taffy blouse

licorice dress


I am very excited and have indeed preordered a copy, thanks Cathe for putting me onto it!

I had figured it was new patterns as that would be quite a let down if it were existing patterns previously purchased!


I know that if you wanted a signed copy Sarai will be selling those from her store.


Either way with or without a signature, I'm all over it!

Wordpress. Definitely. I use it for several blogs and have been a big fan of it for years. Limitations on can usually be overcome by paying more money (like hosting video for example). Personally, I love it visually - find the dashboard relatively simple to find my way around and find the updates to the blogging software useful. Plus Wordpress offers good support - people actually answer your questions in a timely fashion. I would say - thumbs up to Wordpress.


Also - that new book look yum. I've pinned it!

I'm sold, I'll look into wordpress and maybe even consider going the pay route.


Thanks everyone, this is so helpful!


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