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Blog question and a discovery, two unrelated things...

Blogger aside can anyone tell why they prefer word press over type pad or the other way around...

Blogger makes me a little crazy with it's weird limitations, ummm it could be my limitations and I'm thinking of jumping ship...can anyone advise please!

Okay here's the unrelated thing, jump on over to Colette's blog, reformatted...Sarai has just announced a book release in November...I'm drooling over the preview on Amazon. Check it out, to me it looks so yummy!

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Hi Cathe,

 wish I could help you out on the word press versus type pad?? but I am in the lost too...sorry.

 I too, am looking so forward to the new book..Cant wait... I know ,it will be a good one..Love the

new reformatted Colette..It's great.

I like wordpress cos Blogger doesent look as good.  But I struggle with uploading my photos and getting them in the right order.  I am a beginner at this bloggy stuff!


What is your ID on pin interest Cathe, couldn't find you.



Trish I went and checked (faulty memory here), it's cathej although I see my pins showing up as cathe jacobi.
thanks Cathe, gorgeous work there - love your visual language, can't wait to have a go!
Trish, I hope you sign up. It's a lot of fun although it can magically suck up hours. Let me know when you are up, I'd love to see your pins.

Hello Cathe

Good discussion, I use blogger but it won't let me reply to comments on my blog so I will be interested in your conclusions on this one.... I'm afraid I can't help otherwise....

I'm off to check out Colette, thanks for the head's up x

I've never used Type Pad, but I know a lot of small non-profits and the like over here use Wordpress and the web geek community seem to vastly prefer it here as well.  Which is why I choose it over Blogger for my own blog - I figured if lots of web designers and programmers and the like told me it was the one to go for, I should go for it.  :-)


I'd never encountered Type Pad before Mena used it for Sew Weekly, but she's been doing some rather nifty things with it.


Apparantly you can do lots of awesome things with Wordpress as well.  One day I may find the time to do some of them.  Or bribe my boyfriend (who's a web developer) to do it for me, haha! If you don't have time/patience/skills to do the awesome stuff on Wordpress, it's easy to just set up a template and get started.  All the templates have different attributes as well, so just look around until you find one with the layout and features you like.

Well, that's me sold a copy of the Colette book already, 5 new patterns! It's £17.99 on and has 5, yes 5 patterns in it. That's a bargain! You can preorder.....

I just pre-ordered it- I can't wait to get it!

How EXCITING...I am off to preorder mine too.thanks for sharing.

wow....5 patterns [are  they some of the same ones ,we have already bought?] just curious??

I like wordpress becasue I can ususally subscribe easier than typepad and blogger. Maybe it's individual set ups, but I hate the blogger log in- I have enough log ins!
Thanks ladies, it looks like word press is the favored choice!

Yes the five free patterns got me going too Kat!


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