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Hi everyone,


I'm in NYC for 48 hours (going to a wedding) - where should I go fabric shopping?  Any must hit shops?  I live in Baton Rouge and have limited selection at home - I'm hoping to make the most of my trip!


Let me extend that question further: anyone who lives anywhere - what are the awesome fabric shops in your town?  I'd love to start a running list for anyone who likes to travel and needs a recommendation!



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I'm looking forward to replies on this... I'm going to be in NYC in October (for Canadian Thanksgiving with my brother and sister-in-law who live there)... and I plan to go the garment district and look at fabric. So ideas are most welcome!
My best suggestion is Moods. If you google it, you will find there are tons of great fabric shops right in that area. Oona or Daughterfish could also give you great suggestions since they live right there.

I'll be in NYC in the middle of September, I can't wait. I'm going for work but I plan to carve out a few hours to play!
Peron. Midtown, in the 30s, I think.
Paron's Fabric on 40th.  Yum!  And don't forget the their outlet store next door.

oh my god, i hope i'm not too late!  i second Paron fabrics: , they are hands down the sweetest peeps in the garment district and if you are ready to study the clearance section, you'll find SWEET deals.


also my favorite, Chic Fabrics on 39th: (pay ABSOLUTELY no attention to the reviews. ask for shook, pronounced shouk, he's sweet and charming.)


i went with sis-in-law to mood, and while i think it's a must see, i think you can find waaaaaay better deals at paron's & chic. but, with moods selection, you find whatever you want there... you'll just pay for it :)!


pacific trimmings is also fab, but don't expect much in the way of help:


happy shopping!!!

I knew you would have the mother-load of information on NYC fabric stores! Thanks Oona!

Thanks everyone, for these great recommendations!  Unforunately, I only had a TEENSY bit of a time to fabric shop on my trip - but  I did succeed in getting some cool trim, cheap zippers, and 3 different pieces of silk priced $8 a yard and below.  Now I can't stop thinking about going back so I can check out all of thes stores you've mentioned!


I had forgotten when we planned this trip that the friend we were staying with used to make costumes for a living - so he gave me these recs:


- New York Elegant Fabrics, 40th St. (lots of variety)

-Datonya Trim, 39th St.  (lots of cheap trim)

- Spandex World 38th St. (lots of FUN! Our friend said the first time he went there he set a goal to one day know how to use all the types of spandex in Spandex World... he said he has since met that goal.)


I don't remember where I got the silk - I was in a rush to get back so we could go to the wedding!


Please, though, keep the recommendations coming!  Not just for NYC, but for any city with cool places. 



i'm so glad you scored!  i'm suddenly going to baltimore and looking for goods there, if i get a shopping minute. anyone know?


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