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I have decided after much deliberation that I am going to start up some private sewing classes!
I have a lovely sewing room all to myself and it would be nice to share it and teach!
This is a very new idea at the moment but I'm thinking of running 4 kinds of classes up until Christmas at my home in Worthing, Sussex.
All Classes are 3 day courses of around 3 to 4 hours per day. Each course includes your dress pattern and notions. So all you need to bring is your fabric and thread!
I can teach one on one lessons or in groups of three maximum. (The cost will be slightly more for one on one)
The Beginner Classes are: Make your own PJ Bottoms
                                                  Make your own Pleated Skirt
The Intermediate Classes are: Make your own Tunic top or
                                                         The Fabulous Christmas Party Dress.
Piemaker is making me a website over the weekend and the price is £110 for the 3 day course. ( The 3 hour ones I looked at were £75 to make hot water bottle covers!)
I am also available to help students who are doing GCSE or A Level projects but that will be a price per hour.
( I have a Btech Diploma in Fashion and Clothing and an A Level Textiles as well as being a home dressmaker and doing my degree in Fashion and Dress History. )
I am currently in the process of choosing patterns to use but as soon as I know I will post them up!
What do you think? 

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That sounds like a great idea!

I would probaly call them loungewear pants instead of PJ bottoms because the new sewists will want to show them around and you usualy don't show around your sleepwear ;-)

Good luck!

Stevie that's awesome!  hope you are a roaring success!


Good luck!

First off -  congratulations on your bravery to open this venture.

Second -  query, are you sure that a pleated skirt is suitable for beginners? unless it is a pleat a tube onto a waistband variety, I would have thought that an A-line might be better.

Thanks for the lovely comments so far. The skirt is easy but teaches darts and pleats. The pleats are made up of two sewn together to make an inverted pleat. I have considered changing this but the pattern I had in mind isn't too challenging and I think it would be do able in 9 hours worth of tuition in a small group. 
Sounds good from here, and they get to cover 2 details/skills in 1 item.  When you said pleated skirt, I was imagining something very heavily pleated, which would be time-consuming whatever your abilities.

Thanks Lisette I had already thought of that too!

Good for you hun, wish you all the best ! xx
It sounds like a wonderful idea!  Best of luck.


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