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Hi everyone!  Just wondering if anyone was interested in a Bay Area meetup?  I know the Gatsby picnic is in the works, but unfortunately I don't have the funds (or the outfit) for that event.  I would love to still meet-up with some Bay Area seamstresses if there's any interest!  I'm in the South Bay but am happy to travel to SF, the North Bay, or where-ever you may have some hot fabric hangouts.

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I could plan another swap if you're interested?
Definitely interested! Let me know if I can help at all!

count me in:)


I'd also be interested.  Even if it's just a "Meet at Britex and Oogle" sort of thing.  I missed the Gatsby party thanks to a lack of preparation, vacation, and then deathly cold.  I'd still really love to meet other seamsters in the area though.

I'd love a meetup too! Did anything happen after the picnic?

I have been interested in meeting up with other folks in the area, but the sewing workshop is so expensive, etc.


I will set up a meetup for January, after the holiday madness is over!

I would still like to participate as well, so keep me in the loop.  Hopefully we can get a small group together.

Please keep me posted. Things should calm down by then.

Can any of you make the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Launch Party on Monday?  Mena posted that she'll be there, and I'm going to do my best to be there.  It would be great to meet some of you - and bonus is that BurdaStyle has already done all of the planning!

Where can I find info on that? I might be able to make it ... I'm new to sewing but completely obsessed and would love to find others who are too :)

I saw the event on the BurdaStyle blog:
It's from 5-9 pm on Monday at the TechShop.
I thought the RSVP link was also on the BurdaStyle blog post, but I couldn't find it at the end of the day yesterday.  As of last night, the RSVP link still worked from the Sew Weekly though:

Thanks! I'm going to try to make it ... and I'd definitely be up for a swap in January too!


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