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Hi everyone!  Just wondering if anyone was interested in a Bay Area meetup?  I know the Gatsby picnic is in the works, but unfortunately I don't have the funds (or the outfit) for that event.  I would love to still meet-up with some Bay Area seamstresses if there's any interest!  I'm in the South Bay but am happy to travel to SF, the North Bay, or where-ever you may have some hot fabric hangouts.

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I would love to go but I'm still recovering from surgery and have family in town.  Hopefully I can make the next even though. :)  Have fun!

I am interested! I've even been saving some fabric that's not my taste for a possible swap ...

I'm definitely interested! How about the end of the month, at a cafe? I'm happy to coordinate reservations, etc.

Me too, a Sunday would work best for me:)

Thanks for volunteering to make reservations, Rebecca. I'd love to join.  I've heard Sunday at the end of the month. Does the 29th work for all of you?

I can do the 29th!

Do we want to meet in the Union Square area and go ogle Britex? Unfortunately, the funkier but sometimes treasure-trove of a store in the Mission, Fabric Outlet, is closed on Sundays.

If we wanted a room to ourselves, or close to it, for hanging out for a while (a swap, show and tell, or the like, I think I could get us our own space at the Due Drop Inn, on 17th and Church.

Let me know what sounds good, and I'll do the reconnaissance.

Peapod might be an option for meeting up as well

I have a book club meeting that afternoon but would love to join in if it's in the morning.

Britex is actually closed on Sundays as well. But, I'm sure there are many other places to go. I've never been to Peapod either. I just checked out its web page, and it looks cute! It's open from noon to 4 pm on Sundays. We could try to meet up for brunch and then head there when it opens...

The 29th should work for me as well. I really want to see Britex though (I've never been, nevermind the fact that I was trying to limit my fabric buying in the new year) so I might do a trip there on a weekday later this week or early next.  Anyone around to do that?

I was just thinking we should make a meet-up group! If we don't have a group on meet-up already, I'll create one and invite everybody, and we can organize from there.  I'm down for the 29th and also for going to the Alameda flea market on the Feb 5th.

That sounds like a great idea, Meg! Thank you!


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