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Okay this one falls more to "such" than "resources"…what is your preference when you sew, barefoot or shoes? I can't stand to wear shoes when I'm pressing down on my presser foot, I feel like I have more control without a shoe on. I've taken a few sewing classes and noticed others have the same aversion too. What's your preference?

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 My husband would like you........He fusses at me all the time, saying,my feet are like blocks of

ice..and to please put on some socks.. They dont even feel cold to me.haha So ,I think its a USA [Ms] thing to.hahaha

 barefeet...  trainers when not  sewing at home..
Socks or barefoot for me!! a couple of years ago I worked for a major bridal chain in the alterations department. It was very hard for me to sew with shoes on. I would wear slip on shoes so I could 'slip' one off while sewing. Shhh!! Don't tell anyone!
Too funny, I do the same thing when I take a class…make consideration for easy shoe removal!
I am a barefoot sewer but that's more because I don't wear shoes in the house. I also prefer to drive barefoot (not that I drive much), but that's because I was always wearing fancy shoes when people would take me to learn to drive so I just took my shoes off!
ooh good question. I hadn't even thought about it but barefoot. I have weird uggboot thingys i use as slippers and it is like I have a flipper if i'm trying to sew with them on!


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