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Are you easy? (joke in in poor taste, I couldn't help myself, sorry)


I saw a really good question on Tilly and the Buttons that is a question I have been asking myself recently. In a nutshell, when are you no longer a beginner?


I just love patterns that have "easy" or "beginner" written on them (even better: very easy). But recently I bought a couple of "average" or "less easy" Vintage Vogue patterns. I haven't got the guts to try them though. 


Of course, proper vintage patterns often have no "level" on them at all. So, my questions are:


What level sewer are you?

How do you know? What skills do you think constitute intermediate / beginner / advanced?

Does the level of a pattern influence you?

Do you think having a level on patterns is actually discouraging (ie you might have tried a pattern until you "knew" it was above your level)?

Do you think this sort of labelling is helpful?


Thanks for your thoughts xx

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Great question Charlotte.  Reading through everyones comments has me thinking!  I do tend to gravitate towards "easy" patterns - and I don't know why.  I agree with many of the comments that the "easy" patterns are often shapeless and don't offer much of a challenge.  Maybe this is why I'm a little "blah" about my sewing at the moment - I need more of a challenge? 


When I think about the things I made years ago, with very little experience or skill - they were much more complicated and challenging than what I'm doing now.  My finish and detail is much better now - but not the actual design.  SO .... I'm going to extend myself in future and tackle those more intimidating patterns .... nothing to loose but a few hours of my time and a bit of fabric (and a few dollars!!) - but lots to gain!

Perhaps the levels could be redefined as


a) easy/simple/no-brainer/do it in your sleep

b) intermediate/needs a little thought/need to be awake

c) difficult/needs lots of thought/ get the caffine brewing!


That said, One persons 'simple' could be another persons 'nightmare'.  Personally I used to loathe zips, I would rather  have sewn half-a-dozen buttonholes by hand than put in a zip; now however, through practise, I don't actively avoid them.


Another thing that can affect how you view yourself as to beginner/intermediate/advanced can be the people that you are talking to.  Here I would consider myself as in the 'advanced' category, but if I was to toddle over to The Cutter and Tailor forum I could consider myself  in the 'beginner trying for intermediate' category.


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