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Just seen Mena has put up a couple more challenges, so I googled "pin up" for initial ideas and there is a whole very useful list on wikipedia that I thought you all might like


any ideas? It's a great theme.....


PS even I get what to do for "The colour orange" ;0)

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Tee hee, I am always ideas rich and time poor... I'm not sure about orange, in fact it is not a colour I like, but I am thinking of a belt or sash or something, some kind of accent rather than a whole "pumpkin look" (quite possible for me)....

Orange it's a hard colour to put up. Maybe the hem ... As long it's not close to the face anyone can pull it off.
That's a good tip Rachel, I will think on it some more....
I am really excited to see the upcoming themes! Have these been here all along and I never noticed them?!

Anyway, I always thought of pin-ups as being actually somewhat more modest than errr, the modern posters/calendars that one can find even in bookstores. That said, I also always thought of them as being much more buxom than I myself am.
Interesting challenge definately planning a modest attempt!  I googled images for pin ups - lots of silly poses, some with legs in the air - one with one woman with knees over her head upside down - mmm comfey!  Will be keeping my feet on the ground I hope!  Should yield some interesting results!
my feet will not be in the air either - ooooh er!

Sure hate that.... I  just know, that would be one 'fun' Photo.hee hee.

 or should I say-- that would be so Swish!!!! hahahhahahhahahhahaha

tee hee

Originally they weren't there, Mena used to email them out in a newsletter, but she started putting them on the page... not sure... a couple of months ago?... it is much better I think, less stressful, and means you can pick and choose a bit if you can't manage all of them....


I'm buxom but not in a pin up way, more in a scary beach ball way ;0)

Red lips and set curls should give the look without looking scary...
I like your confidence Rachel, I bet you look a proper bombshell whatever you make x
except that now I have to learn to set my hair - could still be scarey!


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