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Just seen Mena has put up a couple more challenges, so I googled "pin up" for initial ideas and there is a whole very useful list on wikipedia that I thought you all might like


any ideas? It's a great theme.....


PS even I get what to do for "The colour orange" ;0)

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it will really suit you!
Ideas for the photo wanted ....

Rachel, Cant wait to see what you make. It will be stunning, I know. Are you feeling better?

Happy sewing.

Me too. Time to choose fabric and pattern
My back is ok, still hurts so I am taking it easy !
Me too Amanda - I love the thinking stage, just planning, I never finish half the things I think of but I do enjoy thinking about it, so it is great to be able to plan....
 I love the advance notice of the challenges too.. Gives more time, to get things together.. and think about it , As Charolette said..
Me too, that's why I can do some many... I do them in bundles... Cut 2 or 3 ... At once and work like this... Give time to also get extra fabric.
Good Idea Rachel
I'll give it a go ...
I hope I get to do the color orange one, what with it being one of my favorite colors! Stupid "Hairspray" is taking up all my sewing time!


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