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Just seen Mena has put up a couple more challenges, so I googled "pin up" for initial ideas and there is a whole very useful list on wikipedia that I thought you all might like


any ideas? It's a great theme.....


PS even I get what to do for "The colour orange" ;0)

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I think that one's a toughie - If I was meant to be a pin-up then I'd already be one!  I've looked through your list and there's no-one short and stocky on there ... perhaps I could set a trend instead!

I'm with you Diane! I'll follow your trend.... I'm not short but I am very stocky, will that do?

Im with you two ,too.. 

 Charolette..not short either..but  lets call it  plump.hahahhaha

OK, you called me, I'm plump......



Your NOT plump.. that's me---- I didnt word the above correctly.sorry!!!

Tee hee I know you are so lovely you would never say that... but I don't mind admitting it!


PS you are not plump at all, you look great x

I'll add something about this theme -- don't feel like pin-up necessarily means half-naked or trampy. We're going to be doing things in the spirit of pin-ups and I, for one, will be very modest. It's more a nod to 40s and 50s glamour.

That's a shame Mena, I was looking forward to getting half naked and trampy ;0)


If you insist I'll try for glamourous instead...

Charlotte--you crack me up! xoxoxo
Thanks Mena.
I love this theme as it can so glamours....


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