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We're creating garments inspired by Best Costume Design winners and nominees of the past. Let's see how influential these costumes can be!

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What great fabric Amanda - and a gorgeous pattern too, I love the idea of a "4 season after 5" dress! (My 4 season after 5 outfit is mostly pjs, tee hee)

What a pain to find so may challenges in one dress - or isn't that part of the fun???? Hope it works out soon x

Wow that fabric is just lovely. Although you didn't manage to make it up I can agree with you that it would have looked great. You still have that fabric to use for something else though, lucky you!!!
Love the fabric and pattern too.. I have "lots " of good intentions.ha. but it sure is nice when they come together.. Look forward to seeing this upcoming dress. Happy Sewing,Judy

I had lots of fun doing research for this week's challenge.  As soon as I saw the white dress with black & white striped trim from My Fair Lady I knew I had my dress - but how to do it?  After tossing around lots of ideas, I remembered this great pattern Vogue V8404 which has just recently made its way into my collection.  True to its name (very easy, very vogue), it was very easy to follow, and for once, everything just came together.  I used a cotton with a little stretch for the dress and quilting fabric for the collar.  I will definitely be using this pattern again.

Wow! Great inspiration dress idea and what a great result - very classy!
Here I am with my easy option this time!  Scarves to wear at an Oscars Ceremony.  They all change colours in the light and are bronzy, bluey, coppery, silvery tones, with a bit of snakeskin thrown in!  The beads are really twinkly.  I've sold all 3 and have some more orders too!  They are all made with lampshade fringing from B&Q (DIY store in the UK) and fabric that I found in a fabric shop in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.  They sell it by the weight rather than the yard and as this is quite light I have lots left.  Hopefully more orders to come!  

Me wearing one!

I love the striped collar - reminds me nice things like striped hatboxes.
very classy - I can just see it with a (faux!) fur coat.....

Very Nice!

I have just realised you can't see the topstitching detail on the dress - which I think makes the dress a little more interesting (I've had to use my phone for piccies this week - the many cameras in the house are either flat or missing in action - so I apologise for the quality of the photos).

lovely detailing, thanks for showing this, it's good to see the details :0)


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