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We're creating garments inspired by Best Costume Design winners and nominees of the past. Let's see how influential these costumes can be!

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HI Charolette,

 Yea !!!!!  I love it.. what a Great idea. your husband did a wonderful job

making the mountains..wonderful picture.. I really like the skirt too.looks

cute on you..

  By the way.....  I think you had me fooled [ha] look like you have sewed all

your life. You are doing a wonderful job.Keep up the good work..

   I am missing ...being in on this weeks challenge.  Happy Sewing,Judy

Cute!  I love it.  :-)  Love the mountains in the background as well - very nicely done!  :-)
Great!! You did a great job with a great idea!
LOL! Very very adorable!

Thanks Jen, Debbie, Raquel and Judy (and the others who have commented on the photos), the skirt was actually very easy Judy and you can't see the mistakes with the gathering because of the apron! I had to take the zip out twice because I managed to mess it up :0(  At least I know I can do next week's challenge..... fingers crossed


I know Amanda is using the gathered skirt for her film entry this week, I hope she manages something more classy than mine ;o), I am looking forward to that Amanda - and wondering which film you went for.


I had fun though, and I think that's what counts, I am a bit embarrassed when I see what Kat, Mena and Veronica have come up with. I actually really liked Sense and Sensibility but I did not have a clue what to do with it - I am still hoping someone does that or Memoirs of a Geisha before the end of the week!


Have fun you guys x



I love the idea and the background and everything.  Looks like you're really finding your feet Charlotte and getting into all this!  Look forward to next week!

Hi Charolette,

 Nope ,didnt see any mistakes at all... looks really good.. Cant wait to see your next crepe dress..

 I bet alot of people will be doing the crepe ,isnt it going to be fun  to see all the "Different " fabrics

and ways the dress are done....Looking forward to seeing them.. Have mine, almost made.. I love

it ... Judy

Oh no way!  Don't be embarrassed! You look great and it's lovely material!
Thanks everyone for your encouragement and kind comments - I think this forum is fantastic, everyone is so nice and positive about others' effiorts, plus you get to see great sewing, what's not to love? xx

Here is my effort for the 'and the winner is...'. I started off having a look at the wiki list and was immediately drawn to 1950 - Born Yesterday, one of my all-time favourite movies. (onvideo and dvd). It was only after a while that I realised that it didn't actually win. No matter! Judy Holliday is wonderful and wears some very glamorous outfits by Jean Louis (who did get the gong a few years later).

However, I am not as svelt as Judy Holliday and so I looked at her below-knee black dress with scoop neck. What I ended up with is a purple dress with a deep v-neck - close enough :-) I want to use what I already have and not always race out and buy new fabric every week, tempting though it is.

I've still a little tweaking to ensure the fit is good and that I don't fall out of the front, but it is hemmed and everything is where it should be. I'm getting better at completing things yay!

Jen, I love your dress - the neckline and bodice is very sexy!!
Thank you Debbie - It was a good pattern to make and I'm happy with my efforts.


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