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We're creating garments inspired by Best Costume Design winners and nominees of the past. Let's see how influential these costumes can be!

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what pattern did you use?
Dress 132 Burda Magazine 3/2010 - I'm a big fan of  Burda and have most mags going back to about 1992 (they sure take up a lot of space). I don't mind tracing them out but I am starting to build up a collection of patterns - mostly from op shops and ebay.
great dress! It looks fab, I was about to ask about the pattern too, Debbie beat me to it ;0)

Thank you Charlotte - I was going to model it myself, but I only finished the handsewing around 10.30pm and wasn't going to do hair and make-up at this time of night - and this dress does need hair and make-up.


LOL - and I've just looked at what I wrote above. My dress is not purple - it's royal blue. (I know- big deal). I think it is time for bed.

well I love it, perhaps a photo later in the week?


sweet dreams! (I still can't get used to us all being on different times, it's early afternoon here)

wow, this is a great dress, I want to see a picture of you in it tho!!!

Hi Jen,

  The dress is beautiful and I love the  color..Congradulations on using fabric you already had, [I agree, it is soooooooooo tempting to go and buy new fabric,..just love it.ha] Judy

What a beautiful dress! You've done a stunning job Jen - very glamourous
Your dress looks stunning Jen. Well done!
Lovely dress with great looking bodice!
I'm afraid all I can offer this week are my very best intentions! I really struggled to find my inspiration this week - and in the end it came too late in the week. I found this dress from Pleasantville which lead me to this pattern from my collection, Simplicity 4491 (I was intending on making view 5). However, it turned out that my pattern was the wrong size for me and in the end I couldn't figure out how to resize the bodice to make it fit my smaller bust size without losing anything from the waist measurement. I'm still in the process of experimenting with a "small bust adjustment" and waiting for some sewing books to be returned to my library! When I picked the fabric from my stash (vintage, thrifted, cost $5 for 5 metres), I realised I'd also have to fully line it - not something I've ever done before! I managed to get a book from the library which explained it with pictures but as I never managed to get the pattern fixed - I didn't even get that far! Oh well, I'm going to keep working on this one and hopefully will have photos of a finished dress sometime in the near future! 
Amanda this fabric is gorgeous, and will look fabulous when made up.  I think "best intentions" are better than "no intentions", it's the spirit and effort that count - it doesn't matter if there isn't a dress just yet!


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