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We're creating garments inspired by Best Costume Design winners and nominees of the past. Let's see how influential these costumes can be!

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This was a fun challenge - so much inspiration!  I even managed to force myself out of my 1950's New Look style dresses for once.  (Although I didn't go all that far - it's still 1950's inspired!)


Here's my creation for the week.  Based on the movie Guys and Dolls, which was nominated for a Best Costume Design Academy Award in 1955 (the colour section).  I blogged about it over here.


I still can't believe you have made your outfit, photographed it, blogged about it and got it on here already. AND it looks great. Wow. I'm still getting over last week!

 Hi Kat,

 love  your outfit.. and to think you are through already.. Wow are on the ball.

Love the scenery.. Lovely picture.. Judy

Hey Kat - love the outfit. I like a t-shirt with longer sleeves. I may have to consider a pencil skirt or two as well. (Gotta say - Guys and Dolls - one of my favourites)
Thanks everyone!  :-)
Beautiful Suit! Love the combination of colors used, pencil skirts are basic items, I'm sure it will have much wear.
Looks great Kat - I love the "on location" photo shoot! Hope you didn't get too cold!
Looks great and I love the blue blouse!

So this is what I went for (sort of)

 And this is what you get:



Hope I gave you all a good laugh! xx


This is 1965 nominee Dorothy Jeakins for The Sound of Music, by the way.


And I live in a village in a flat part of the world, so the mountains are thanks to my hubby and photoshop!

Well done You! I enjoyed the movie and your take on it. Love the skirt.
Charlotte - I love it!!  I especially love the mountains - good on your hubby!
loved you also edit the background !


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