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Hi sewing friends,

Here we are at the end of the year! Diane motivated me to look back and see how many challenges I did and what stood out as a favorite. (Diane hit 50 challenges!)

I know I didn't do every challenge and sometimes I was really late so I might get a "D" ...or less! But I surprised myself, I did close to 30 challenges. I admit my interpretation of the challenge might have been seriously off the mark but I had fun.

So my question to you, how many challenges did you do and what was your favorite (challenge or garment)?

For me, my favorite was my cape but I seriously can't remember what the challenge theme was!

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Miss Tina - I am from Philadelphia! Anyway, if you are going to make all your own clothes, you should check out The Seamless Pledge - 

Brilliant! I think I might just do that... 

I have always enjoyed seeing a new "Cathe" post on SWC as I knew I would see a beautifully made, elegantly styled garment.

I too have managed around 30 challenges but I'll take the D and you can have the A (Diane gets the A+).  

My favourite garment was the plaid challenge as I totally love the dress I made. The colours simply lift my mood.

I did enjoy the gatsby challenge although I can't rate my effort as a success, but it was fun to try and nut out a really old pattern (with very archaic ways of describing how to do something).

So many wonderful garments have been made and shown - both simple and complex. I hope to add a few more complex ones this year and not go for the hasty easy option. My big challenge for 2012 is to use more care and sense in deciding what to make and not just rushing to meet the deadline.

Jen you are so kind! I love that you always write the sweetest most thoughtful things!

30 seems to be the sweet spot! I'm in your boat, I want to slow down and just enjoy the process more and give more consideration to what I am making. I started to feel like a crazy weekend warrior this past year.

I agree, I love your plaid dress and your awesome swing coat, that's a beauty!

I forgot my swing coat! (too darn hot here now) That did work out well.

Thank you Jen, you are very generous!

I did 12 challenges 3 of wich I still have to take pictures of... My favorite thing I sewed this year was my green jacked, but I don' even know where to start with all of your faboulus creations, there just so many of them. I think this year I will sew more than one garnment that is inspired by something created in this wonderful community.

Wow, we've all done so well, and sewn so much in 2011!  Amazing!

I did a count today - I managed all but one challenge (the  'Celebration' dress isn't quite finished yet due to sewing machine issues last week - it'll be done by the end of this week though.  Just one week late!).  And a total of 61 garments for Sew Weekly challenges.  (62 by the time I finish the 'Celebration' dress.)  I'm not quite sure how I found space in my wardrobe for all of them....?!?

I'd be hard pressed to pick a favourite.  I think the 'Childs Play' theme was fantastic, bought back so many childhood memories.  And the 'do over' was great - a good excuse to try a pattern a second time around and do it better.  

Charlotte - that Hurroskses dress was amazing!  You should so wear it again!!!

I also love your Betsy Johnson blouse, it has such a flattering cut and style!

Kat you get the A++++, that's an incredible amount of sewing!

I'll second that!


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