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Hi sewing friends,

Here we are at the end of the year! Diane motivated me to look back and see how many challenges I did and what stood out as a favorite. (Diane hit 50 challenges!)

I know I didn't do every challenge and sometimes I was really late so I might get a "D" ...or less! But I surprised myself, I did close to 30 challenges. I admit my interpretation of the challenge might have been seriously off the mark but I had fun.

So my question to you, how many challenges did you do and what was your favorite (challenge or garment)?

For me, my favorite was my cape but I seriously can't remember what the challenge theme was!

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Rachel, I have enjoyed seeing your super fashionable garments with some of the most edgy, model worthy photographs!

I agree, your western wear was such a unique and fashionable way to embrace that challenge!

I agree with your Western call-out... I loved your outfit for that one! Seeing everyone's creations for that one definitely gave me a new view on Western and that it could be far cuter than I originally pictured ;)


  I loved your western week too.. But, I think my  favorite was the cape.BEAUTIFUL and so well done..


I love your cape coat too Rachel - I'd wear that any day.

Alright, so this year I made 34 garments, 17 of which were with Sew Weekly challenges (though a couple of challenges I had multiple entries), and 3 were Make This Look.  Whew! I didn't realize I had made that many. When I did a first count a couple of weeks ago I way under-estimated.  Looking back, I'm surprised I still have room in my closet!

I was slow to start the challenges so most of my garments were made during the summer, with a small hiatus in Fall and then back again.  I think one of my favorite garments that also got the most wear-time was the Colette Parfait dress.  I'm definitely going to need to make another one for this Spring.  My favorite challenge was probably Gatsby because the dress was definitely at challenge, but I got the chance to meet Mena and Debi at the Gatsby event.  That ended up being a lot of fun and I totally want to go again next year.

Those Colette patterns certainly are fabulous! Gatsby did look alot of fun though.....

I loved seeing your pictures from the Gatsby event, it looked like a lot of fun.

Christine you have made so many garments, lovely dresses, skirts and trousers! Sometimes it looked like you were back to back on garments being posted!

Thanks Cathe! Yes, I definitely go through periods where I sew like crazy... and then I burn out  lol  I actually had to stop myself last night because I finished one project and instantly started thinking 'what's next??' to the point where I realized I should probably step away from the smoking machine for one night :)


  What a great topic..  I  counted my challenges and honestly I cheated 'A whole lot of the time"..I would subsitute and make something for the grandkids...Or  sew for other causes.. And sometimes , I totally just sewed something, that didnt apply to the SW challenges.. I counted 34 postings.. Some of these were 2 peices.. So, guessing, I would say, I probably did about 50% of the actual challenges.

  I totally enjoyed Sew Weekly 2011..It was very motiviating. And it kept the sewing mojo going. I really enjoyed looking at all the postings..[I think I REALLY became obsessed with SW... The first thing I do when I get up  in the morning, is to look and see the new post..ha]  ..But the Most wonderful part , is the friendships..How wonderful the internet is..How else could people , from all over the world meet and become such good friends...

  My favorite challenge was the Orange Week..  I really liked the orange and white polka dot dress.The pattern was really comfortable and  the fit was good.

  Happy Sewing 2012..

BTW---Cathe,you didnt get a D.  I give you an A. Fantastic job ..You have a very busy and demanding  job, and I think you did a wonderful job  with the challenges.. And your sewing ability shows the patience and good work you did on each garment!!!

I think you get an A as well Cathe, in fact make it an A+.


Judy, polka dots win every time. Although I remember an outfit you wore on holiday that was very pretty indeed.

Thankyou  Charolette...

Judy you are always so sweet. Next time I go to school, I'm attending yours!

I loved your wrap dress with the fall leaves, Dorothy blouse (wizard of Oz), nautical skirt, so many lovely garments!


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