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How do you feel about using ric-rac on adult clothing? I really like ric-rac, but it does put me in mind of Raggedy Ann and other youthful things... I've been feeling insecure about some of my fabric and trim choices lately, worrying that I'm making things that look too "young" for me.  


I'd appreciate some feedback on the Crepe dress I'm sewing...should I add ric-rac or not? Can you take a look here:


Thank you!!


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YAY Ric-Rac! I think it looks very classy on your dress!!  And  a nice way to add a bit of the red accent!  I voted yea for ric-rac :-) 


Farah, I loved your ric-rac dress too!!

Im a sucker for add ons too.. anything to make something stands out !

Yes, yes yes to the rick rack!! I love rick rack - it's one of my very favourite trims - and it makes me smile when I see it.  Ignore what the silly ladies said; they are just envious of your ability to wear exactly what you love.


The crepe is stunning! Please, please include the rick rack.  Such a great touch!

So well said Sarah...


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