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How do you feel about using ric-rac on adult clothing? I really like ric-rac, but it does put me in mind of Raggedy Ann and other youthful things... I've been feeling insecure about some of my fabric and trim choices lately, worrying that I'm making things that look too "young" for me.  


I'd appreciate some feedback on the Crepe dress I'm sewing...should I add ric-rac or not? Can you take a look here:


Thank you!!


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I think with the vintage feel of the dress, that it will be really cute- in the right way!   I do think when there are other shape/style markers that read "vintage" that trims like ric rac or lace really read retro-playful, rather than childish. I do know what you mean, but on this dress, I think it's great!
Thanks, Hillary. That's a helpful perspective.

A friend of mine suggested I call it ironic ric-rac, which would automatically make it cool :)


   I am in my fifties and I love ric rack and use it frequently.. I went and voted and the ric rack is wonderful on there.. The dress itself, is so pretty..Love the fabric..

   Don't worry what anyone says about your choices...if you like it..and it looks good to you..I just bet, when your finished with the garment..They will love it too.. HappySewing.

Thanks,  Judy.  You're undoubtedly right. I'd do well to follow your example :)
I love ric-rac and would totally use it on your dress. I have used ric-rac once on a dress for me

(see here:

I thought i would feel weird and childish in the dress, but I love it! I actually wore this dress to a party last night, and it did not seem too young at all.
I think the ric rac looks awesome on your dress! It doesn't look childish at all. :)
I have to agree with everyone, ric-rac is awesome and you can use it in so many ways. But I do understand your concern it can look childish if you want a very sophisticated look.

This is great! I've received a lot of feedback both for and against. It's given me much to think about.  At this point, I think I'm going to add the ric-rac. It will balance out the red of the sash and the piping I'm going to put around the neckline. 



If it's not too late I would like to say: go for it, what ever makes you happy and enjoy. I love ricrac and fun fabric and I'm not getting any younger ....
I love ric rac too - in a retro kind of way ... I used it on my 'Kidding Around' hula hooping dress and as trims on my aprons. I'm just debating whether or not to use it on my challenge this week ... I have some dusky pink that matches in really well with the fabric I'm using ... thought I don't want to overload on ric rac!
I like the ric-rac! It adds a very cute, sweet touch to the hem - go for it!

I don't think you should worry about what 'age' the fabrics and trims are aimed at - if you like them and they make you feel happy and pretty, sew them up and wear them! I'm always making things out of 'inappropriate' fabrics (cartoon elephants and hello kittys, anyone?) that people look sideways at in the fabric store, but once they're made up and if you wear them with confidence, they look absolutely fantastic on!
I'm feeling the ric-rac love!


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