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Help!! I am on holidays at the moment and only have an Ipad. I took a quick photo for this weeks challenge before I left, and now cant work out how to load it into Sew Weekly (the uploader doesnt work). I have spent about 2 hours this morning searching for a solution, have downloaded 2 apps, but still cant get it to work. I have tried emailling them to the site, but they havent appeared. Getting frustrated now!

Has anyone had success with an Ipad? If so, please share.

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BLess your heart... Wish I could help..but I am computer dumb..ha

hope your having  a great holiday..

I'm of little help and I use an iPad a lot but upload my photos to a regular computer. At the very least are you able to store them to iPhoto?

Send by email. On your page- if you go on  settings ,there is an invididual email for each of us. Send to that address and will be uploaded !

"Mobile Uploads

Add photos and videos to The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle from your phone by sending them to this email address:............................." Same principle from an Ipad !


Have fun on your holiday !!!!


Thanks Rachael, i had tried that earlier today with no luck, but tried again tonight & it seems to have worked. Im cursi g the Ipad & my limited knowledge!


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