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Hey guys. In case you haven't seen, I've started a new feature called "Make this Look" over at The Sew Weekly. My goal is to have daily inspirations based on off-the-rack outfits out in the wild. I thought it would be great to have a forum where we can discuss the looks as well as share our own creations based on the feature.

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We'll just have to see. Considering that I provide links back to the original garments (for folks to buy if they wish), there's really nothing I'm doing that any fashion blogger isn't doing. But it's a valid point you raise. I can totally justify MTL because it's not about mass producing rip-offs. Steal this look features, I believe, are far more offensive -- encouraging folks to buy cheaper knock-offs of designer garments.


I read a little about the Ana White incident. She chose to remove the images herself to avoid any headaches. Tech folks weighed in that she was in "fair use" limits. I would think that TSW would be protected as well. 

I agree, I don't see any kind of morally problem here. Hopefuly it will not be a problem, it is such a great source for insperation!

Since this is a sewing community geared toward people sewing for themselves, there is no encouragement for mass marketing/reproducing.  You aren't breaking any laws on the USA side. 


I will say one thing its made me do is look at patterns I would never have given a second thought to previously, all because of the technical drawings.


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