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Hey guys. In case you haven't seen, I've started a new feature called "Make this Look" over at The Sew Weekly. My goal is to have daily inspirations based on off-the-rack outfits out in the wild. I thought it would be great to have a forum where we can discuss the looks as well as share our own creations based on the feature.

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I really like this feature, but I just have to ask are you sure that you can't get in legal trouble about it? The pattern sellers sure won't object to the free adverting but using the images of dresses might be a problem. Ana White had the same problem with a website that provided plans to build your own funiture that looked more or less like Pottery Barn funiture and had to remove all images from her side. 

We'll just have to see. Considering that I provide links back to the original garments (for folks to buy if they wish), there's really nothing I'm doing that any fashion blogger isn't doing. But it's a valid point you raise. I can totally justify MTL because it's not about mass producing rip-offs. Steal this look features, I believe, are far more offensive -- encouraging folks to buy cheaper knock-offs of designer garments.


I read a little about the Ana White incident. She chose to remove the images herself to avoid any headaches. Tech folks weighed in that she was in "fair use" limits. I would think that TSW would be protected as well. 

I agree, I don't see any kind of morally problem here. Hopefuly it will not be a problem, it is such a great source for insperation!

Since this is a sewing community geared toward people sewing for themselves, there is no encouragement for mass marketing/reproducing.  You aren't breaking any laws on the USA side. 


I will say one thing its made me do is look at patterns I would never have given a second thought to previously, all because of the technical drawings.


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