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Hey guys. In case you haven't seen, I've started a new feature called "Make this Look" over at The Sew Weekly. My goal is to have daily inspirations based on off-the-rack outfits out in the wild. I thought it would be great to have a forum where we can discuss the looks as well as share our own creations based on the feature.

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It's great - have just left a comment to say that I think this will be a winner.  Sometimes a 'how to' provides just the right kickstart .
love this idea - I've too often seen something I'd love but look at the price tag and decide against it, never thinking that I could have a go at it myself.
Great Idea Mena.. Love the 2 postings  that you have done this for.. Amazing to see it from the pattern, isnt it? Thankyou for sharing..
It's a fabulous idea and I am loving the Make this Look posts! Thank you so much Mena!
Love it Mena, great info and nice to have a tiny peep into what's available in the US retail scene, we don't have Anthropologie in Australia, and lots of other US labels.  We only just go GAP in Sydney!
Great idea!
I am loving the new feature!  It gets all kinds of ideas flowing in my head.
Thanks again Mena for picking "my" dress for MTL today, I have ordered the fabric for it and now just have to get the pattern, I am going to try to make it, I am really excited x
YEA...Charolette.. so proud you got chosen.. Cant wait to see the dress made...Happy sewing.
I am loving all of the MTL posts! It totally has me inspired to push myself into making clothes based off of things I've seen in some of my favorite stores but just can't justify buying.
I just have to say I am adoring the Make This Look feature, I log in a lot just to see what gorgeous items have appeared. I am definitely planning to make a good deal of them! Thank you so much!
I really like this feature, but I just have to ask are you sure that you can't get in legal trouble about it? The pattern sellers sure won't object to the free adverting but using the images of dresses might be a problem. Ana White had the same problem with a website that provided plans to build your own funiture that looked more or less like Pottery Barn funiture and had to remove all images from her side. 


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