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September has arrived, And so has our new weekly challange!  Tiding up our sewing spaces, little by little.

This week we are going to sort out our table space where you lay things out and do your planning, and then leave a pile of bits on the end that just keeps on getting bigger.  So sort them out and put them away.

If you work on your dining table and have to clear up for each meal, you are excused this week, but you could give it a loving polish instead.


This is what my starting point looks like!

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And my end point is this. I had to do it all in one big hit because it was a nightmare to try and work in.
Wow, that's impressive Jen! I think I may need to do that today.  I finally cleaned off my table, but I haven't taken a picture yet. I think I might try to tackle the rest of my room today.

So, I'm hoping this challenge hasn't died off, as my craft room can definitely use the cleanup still!  So I finally uploaded the pics of my before/after.  The good news is, it still looks this clean, even while working on a couple of projects at once. That being said, you don't want to see the rest of the room...





My apologies for the interruption in the transmission of these challanges, a slight contretemps with life & stuff getting in the way.


My after photo -


I got so excited with all the space that I immediately printed off a couple of skirt patterns from and drew them up on an single sheet of paper (instead of pasting A4 pages together) to make up.  These patterns are now folded up and put into re-cycled A4 envelopes, labeled and put away.


Keeping tools together so I can find them and have them close to hand I use a tray like this

But you could use a cutlery tray instead.


The two books on the end of the table are still there because they don't fit in by book shelves - yet!


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