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September has arrived, And so has our new weekly challange!  Tiding up our sewing spaces, little by little.

This week we are going to sort out our table space where you lay things out and do your planning, and then leave a pile of bits on the end that just keeps on getting bigger.  So sort them out and put them away.

If you work on your dining table and have to clear up for each meal, you are excused this week, but you could give it a loving polish instead.


This is what my starting point looks like!

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Yes! I need this push!  I was just looking at my table last night thinking - I know my button-hole knife is under there... somewhere...  I'm in!  I'll post a pic later.

Oooh, yesss....I've been finishing those UFOs religiously for some time, but now is the time to see what's left under there, somewhere...Let's tidy up!


Looks very similar to mine (in my photos) - I have tidied it now, but I must admit that was mostly as I was packing up a load of stuff to move up North with me (we are having quite a drawn out moving process as our house down south isn't sold yet and the place up North we were going to rent yet isn't ready so we're staying with family temporarily). Unfortunately didn't manage to get a photo of the tidied up space, but it has been done - honest!
So, this morning it looked like this...

Better, non?

And there are JUST TWO more UFOs, yay!! Major achievement!

Nice work Barbara! Mine is one step closer to posting the before/after pics, but I still need to tidy up just a bit more.  Good thing we're doing one thing at a time though, or else it would be hopeless.  I'm trying not to be the kid cleaning their room by just shoving things out of sight and 'under the bed.'
Good plan - because who knows when clearing out under the bed will come up :)
Oh, I know that...I'll put this thing here, then move it there, then put it on the next pile in one corner, then in the other, and it never ends. That's why I finally cleared up all the UFOs! Well, almost. There wasn't room inside this little room to turn around a month ago. I feel better now. Less overwhelmed for sure.
Yes and you can date 'things' by how far around the room they have moved to :)
Wow! this looks great! I'm jealous of the dedicated sewing space... mine is "mobile" and really, really sucks!

I am embarassed to show the photos I took of my messy sewing/guest room.  I could show you the desk one - when I get around to uploading!  We have friends coming to stay at the end of the month - then my parents from NZ, I plan to do a major reorganize and repaint too - should be good to have the 70's mural gone!  Thanks for this added incentive!

My Starting point is this: 


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