The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle

Oh my! where to go next?


 This week we are going to have a rummage in in one of our drawers (ooooh, no missus) and get it all out, dust it down and only put it back if this is the right place for it.  If it doesn't belong there, then find it a proper home!

Let battle (re)commence!  :))

My tools drawer

- and yes I have a box of Droste chocolate in there - definitely essential :)

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I will tackle this challenge this weekend. Even though it terrifies me :)
I'm proud to say that the drawers are all tidy! Probably because there are none in the sewing room, hehehehe. :-) Good luck there.
Funny, same here!

Barbara and Cathe,

  so funny!!!

   I have tons of drawers with accesories [lace,ribbons, buttons,elastic,zippers etc]. I  would hate to know, I had to clean them If I ever telling what kind of treasures, I might find.hahahha

if you do go through them you might just find the perfect trim for the Spanish Harlem theme :).  Besides I am only suggesting 1 drawer for now.
Judy I have seen your sewing room, it's spotless, or as neat as a pin!

Thanks Cathe.


Next weekend is the big re agange for my sewing room! Before and after photos to come...
Cant wait to see them..

Chocolate is absolutely essential! I think I might clear my tool drawer and just fill it with Hershey's bars... :OD


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